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At this moment product price is $80USD per copy (version). You should pay this amount once for a Single License.

Number of bots or conversations is not limited. No any other limitations is applied.

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Box product

Currently we are not providing our Software as a service. This means what after purchase you will get product distributive (program files) and manual, which describes required steps to install the software on your servers.

You may need system administrator to install and maintenance of this software.

Agreement (Single License)

  • You can make changes in source codes, by adding new improvement, styles, functionality, extend API, integrate CRMs, etc...
  • Give bots to third parties is also allowed, for free or in commercial way.
  • You can't remove copyrights, change product name or labels, or drop links to official site and documentation.
  • You can't resell product distributive (program files) to anybody.
  • Upload any sources to public repositories is strictly prohibited! Even if it's your internal repository - you should use a strong password for it and grant access to only trusted peoples.


When new updates is released, you can buy next version for another $80USD. No discounts available.

Warning: In the event of a significant prevalence of pirated copies of the product, we reserve the right to obfuscate (encrypt) the source codes of the product for new versions (in any way possible at our discretion).